• Is life an ongoing battle?

    Have you got more than your fair share of bad stress in your life? Is your work/life balance completely out of sync? Are you being held back from achieving what you want to achieve, but aren't sure why? Do you want to get more from life but don't know how? If any of these situations sound like the battles you're facing in your life, then I can help.

    If you're in a situation where you need help to:

    • Reduce the bad stress in your life.
    • Relieve yourself of limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
    • Set key life goals and prepare an action plan so you achieve them.
    • Enjoy a healthier work/life balance.

    Then you're in the right place.

  • You can achieve your full potential

    People often feel that they want more from their lives but struggle to see what's holding them back or even pinpoint exactly what it is that they really want. By working with me you can discover how you can enjoy a life that has much less bad stress and a healthier work/life balance. By working together to identify your key life goals and preparing an action plan for how to achieve them, you can start to achieve your full potential and enjoy life more than you can probably imagine right now.

  • Confidence and trust

    A coach is someone who works with you to build your confidence so you can have trust in yourself to try something new, or to change your habits so you can reach where you want to be. As your coach I care about your needs, wants and desires and want you to be all you can be.

  • Take action today

    If you want to get more from your life; [eeb_email email="magda@magdaharper.co.uk" display="get in touch"] today. You owe it to yourself to take this first step to being all you want to be.