• Commonly asked questions

  • My answers to common life coaching questions

    If you're new to the notion of coaching, NLP or personal training, it's entirely normal and understandable that you are likely to have questions running through your head.

    On this page of my website I will attempt to answer some of the questions my clients most commonly ask. Hopefully you'll find these responses useful, but there's no getting away from the fact that a personal chat to resolve any doubts or issues you may have is the very best way to find out exactly what you want to know. So if you'd like to organise a chat, why not [eeb_email email="magda@magdaharper.co.uk" display="get in touch"] today?

  • What is coaching and what can I expect to achieve by working with a coach?

    Life coaching is a process that creates and facilitates change. As a life coach, it is my job to elicit, select, train, ask meaning meaningful questions, motivate, create insight, explain, give tasks, evoke, challenge, stimulate, support and encourage you to express yourself more freely.  As your life coach I will promote and support your growth by helping you to achieve your goals and objectives and produce successful results.

    Coaching can help you with a whole host of issues such as:

    • Anger management
    • Phobias, fears and panic attacks
    • Lack of confidence"Lack of self-esteem
    • Health issues
    • Relationship issues
    • Procrastination
    • Anxiety
    • Accepting change
    • Lack of motivation
    • Personal development
    • Achieving a healthier work/life balance
  • Why combine Personal Training with Coaching?

    One of the things I'm lucky enough to be able to bring you is a combination of Personal Training with Coaching.  This really is a powerful mix whereby you benefit from exercise, nutritional support and coaching all rolled into one.  What this means is that you don't need to spend extra time and money going from one expert to another to get yourself to where you want to be; from a body and mind point of view.
    I have a proven and tested approach to personal training, having spent 5 years as a successful Personal Trainer as well as the life experience I gained from my own story which means I can help you achieve your body and mind objectives more effectively and more efficiently.  
    It is my belief that a holistic approach involving the body and mind is much more effective than either operating in isolation.  But there's no getting away from the fact that in order learn to love or accept your body as it is now and then to move on to making the changes you desire, you need to be in the right mindset.  My combination of Personal Training with Coaching will allow you to achieve this in a powerful and efficient way.

  • What is hypnotherapy, how can it help me and is it safe?

    Hypnotherapy is a technique that can be used on its own or in support of coaching.  It relies on the power of positive suggestions to bring about unconscious changes to our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

    Hypnotherapy is a great way to help you rid yourself of unwanted habits such as smoking or nail biting.  It is also a real boost if you're hoping to lose weight or reduce stress.  It's equally incredibly powerful for overcoming fears; phobias and anxiety as well as helping with sleep problems.  And then of course it can assist with pain management, confidence building and…the list goes on.  Suffice to say, if I think hypnotherapy might help you achieve your goals I will suggest it as a powerful solution and we can decide together if this is the route you want to take.

    Is hypnotherapy safe?  This is a question that most people ask who are new to the concept.  Hypnotherapy is completely safe.  Although you will find yourself in a very relaxed state during a hypnotherapy session you will be aware of everything that is happening.  Before any session we'll agree what goal we are working towards and the outcome you want.  Many people liken hypnotherapy to feeling like they're in a bit of a trance; like watching television or reading a book and drifting off to another place or driving to work and being completely unconscious of the journey.

  • What is NLP and how might it help me?

    NLP, or to give it its full title, Neuro Linguistic Programming is a toolkit of powerful techniques and strategies that helps you to:

    • Remove negative habits like excessive eating, nail biting, smoking etc.
    • Communicate better and build a better rapport with others.
    • See situations from different perspectives and see things more positively.
    • Change your state from negative and, or low to powerful and positive.
    • Eliminate limiting and negative beliefs about yourself.

    Neuro refers to what we think; Linguistic to what we say, both verbally and non-verbally and Programming refers to what we do. In a nutshell, NLP is the study of success and the journey of discovery into how we do what we do and how we can do it even better.

    NLP is particularly effective in situations whereby you may find yourself:

    • Lacking motivation.
    • Feeling lost.
    • Being negative about yourself, other people and, or the things that happen to you.
    • Feeling like nobody understands you.
  • How long do these processes take?

    There are no fixed rules to how long NLP, coaching or hypnotherapy will take, but on average, breakthrough sessions take anywhere between 5 and 8 hours.  Many people continue with sessions after they have found their solution.

  • How often do we need to see each other?

    Once again, this depends on you and what you want to achieve.  Some people want to see fast results and will organise longish sessions every week over a condensed 3-4 week period.  Others will be happy for us to see each other once every couple of weeks or even once a month.  It all depends on your desire for results, your availability and your budget.

  • How long is each session?

    Sessions take on average between 1 and 2 hours.  Any shorter and it's difficult to achieve results and any longer proves exhausting for both client and coach!

  • How much does a session cost?

    Session prices start at £40.

  • What happens during a session?

    It sounds strange to say, but sessions start before we even meet.  In order to help you decide if coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy or Personal Training with Coaching is the right option for you and if it is, whether or not I'm the right person for you to work with we'll have a FREE exploratory session.  This session can take place on Skype, by telephone or face-to-face, whichever works best for you.

    Once you've decided to go ahead, although every session is slightly different, here is what typically happens:

    • Initial session.  Initial sessions are when we truly get to know each other.  In order to do so, I will ask you questions about your past, what you want to change in your life and what issues you want to overcome as well as what you want to get out of your life.  My approach is friendly, non-judgemental and of course everything you tell me is completely confidential.
    • Follow up sessions.  During follow up sessions we'll work together on different exercises with the objective of removing limiting beliefs and replacing those limiting beliefs with new beliefs that support you in your goal for new outcomes.  These sessions will gently encourage the positive changes you want in your life.
    • Homework.  Yes, homework!  A really important part of your success is the tasks that I'll set you between sessions.
    • Feedback.  At the start of every new session we'll explore the changes and challenges you've noticed since our last session.
    • Your pace.  Throughout the whole process we'll work at your pace, only moving on to the next thing when you're ready.

    I hope these questions and responses have helped reassure you, but if you have questions that haven't been answered here, don't hesitate to [eeb_email email="magda@magdaharper.co.uk" display="get in touch"] so I can reply to you in person.