• Borderline anorexic

    As long as I can remember, I've struggled with my body image.  Even when I wasn't overweight I didn't like what stared back at me in the mirror.  I was a healthy, happy teenager when my body started to change in a way that I had a problem accepting.  Since those early days, my main focus was on how to get my weight down.

    I'd follow cycles of starving and bingeing.  This lasted for years until I reached a point when I was so painfully thin that I was borderline anorexic.  In my head however, I was still too big.  And then things like going to university brought their own challenges.  A new environment, new people and new threats resulted in me putting on 3 stones in under a year.  Convinced that sugar would be my saviour; all I would do is eat.

    I was plagued with constant self-hatred and guilt.  Every Monday I'd start a new diet, a diet that this time would last and would save me from myself.  Lo and behold those diets typically lasted until Monday evening or Tuesday at best.  I even went through periods of spending hours at the gym only to binge my time away afterwards.  I was unhappy, low and so disappointed with myself that you can hardly imagine.

  • Unlucky in love

    When I added relationships to this incredibly unhealthy phase in my life, things only got worse.  Every relationship I found myself in was worse than the last, yet I didn't learn from my mistakes.  I seemed to be destined to always attract the wrong sort of guy.

  • Time for change

    Desperate to change, I opened up to my brother and a few close friends.  They didn't know how to cure me, but they helped me realise that I wasn't alone.  By pure coincidence one day, I stumbled over a book called "Inner adventures" by Colin P. Sisson.  I read the book and believe it was the messages it contained that helped me really start changing my life.  It truly struck a chord with me and eased me on to the right track.

    From that day on I focused on what I wanted from my life rather than what I hated about it.  I spent every spare moment researching and finding out more about how to change my life for the better; how to have a healthy relationship with myself, my body and the people around me.  Psychology, mindset and self-help books became my passion and I found an amazing book by Brian Tracy about setting goals.

  • Setting my goals

    With the help of Brian Tracy's book, I set goals for myself that were to change my life forever.  Since that day, I have become a personal trainer; moved to England to take up a great job offer; met the love of my life (to whom I'm now vvvery happily married :-) :-) and worked with an NLP coach who helped me achieve even more than I could ever have imagined (thank you Elvira).  My experience of being coached had a massive impact on me, helping me take my life to the next level.  It's because of this that I have become a coach and NLP practitioner myself.  Not a bad journey really, and it's all thanks to Brian Tracy and my amazing coach Elvira :.

    Here's just a bit information more about me 

    • I love yoga, dark chocolate, my husband, my dog Molly, books and walks.
    • I know how to look after my body, my mind and my soul and make a point of doing so every single day.
    • I understand how it feels to be in a dark place because I've been there." I've made big changes in my own life and body as well as many of my clients.
    • I used to have serious problems with relationships but don't any more (thank you Ben).
    • I have a whole range of qualifications that include:
      • Personal trainer
      • Nutrition advisor
      • Yoga
      • Pilates
      • Sports massage
      • NLP Coach
      • NLP Practitioner
      • Hypnotherapist
      • Time Line Therapy Coach
      • Creating Your Future Techniques
    • I'm obsessed with meditation, mindfulness and psychology

    I now know that your process doesn't have to be as long and painful as mine. With the right support, you can short-circuit the bad bits and start enjoying the good bits sooner than you imagine.

    Let's work together to combine the power of mind and body to really make a difference to your life.  

  • Take action today

    Don't leave your future to chance; [eeb_email email="magda@magdaharper.co.uk" display="get in touch"] today. You owe it to yourself to take this first step to get to where you want to be.