• Are you lacking confidence and self-esteem?

    Do you feel as if you're lacking in confidence or self-esteem?  Are you constantly frustrated because you feel as if you're not achieving your full potential?  Maybe you don't like meeting new people and because of this know that you're missing out on opportunities in life?  Perhaps you're scared to express yourself?  Either way, if you're feeling trapped and think your life should be better; then you're in the right place.

  • Feeling good is closer than you might imagine

    building self esteem

    No matter what doesn't feel right about your life right now, there is a solution.  As a life coach and NLP consultant, conveniently based near Farnborough, Farnham and Fleet, I can help you.  Having suffered from confidence and self-esteem problems many years ago, I know how you are feeling, but I also know that a solution is closer than you might imagine right now.

    If you're:

    • Convinced that you're not good enough or not deserving of good things.
    • Struggling with internal conflicts such as "I believe having money is bad, but I want to earn more" or "I don't feel as if I deserve to be loved yet I am desperate to be in a relationship".
    • Suffering from anger, sadness, guilt, fear or frustration.

    Then I can help.

  • Rid yourself of negative emotions and internal conflicts

    I'll help you get rid of the negative emotions that are holding you back in life, like anger, sadness, guilt, fear, frustration or hurt as well as those horrible internal conflicts that have you believing that you don't deserve to be successful, loved or liked.  By working together, everything becomes possible.

  • Control your emotions rather than letting them control you

    I can help you learn to control your emotions so you feel safe to do the things you want to do.  Using an NLP and coaching relationship you'll discover what you want to be and what you need to do make that happen.  By working together we'll bring out the very best in you and enable you to enjoy life to the max.

  • Get the life you really want

    By working with me to restore your confidence and self-esteem you'll start to build the life you really want.  Working from the inside out I will help you understand why you think the way you do and then share with you exercises and techniques that will have the things that are holding you back out of your life before you know it.

  • Take action today

    Don't leave your happiness to chance; [eeb_email email="magda@magdaharper.co.uk" display="get in touch"] today.  You owe it to yourself to take this first step to get your life to where you want it to be.