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    What my clients think about the work we do together is extremely important to me.  Someone who really cares about others, I want all my clients to be delighted with their outcomes; that way we all win.  Here are just some of the things that some of my previous clients have to say:

  • After just 1 month with Magda, I feel refreshed, her training sessions are fun, motivational and she offers so much more than just exercise, I've learnt how to eat sensibly how to meditate and how to set realistic goals and how to finally ditch the scales after many years of being chained to them! (Georgina is now 24 inches smaller : than she was when we started).

    Georgina Hughill

  • We've been training together for 3 months but in that short time she's helped me achieve so much more than improved fitness. By building up healthy habits slowly, daily check ins and focusing on goals and motivations, Magda has had a very positive impact on many areas of my life. She is kind, supportive and funny, but direct and firm when she needs to be!

    Isabelle Fielding

  • Using a combination of cardio and strength training I lost 10 kilos in 6 months for my wedding. I felt confident and beautiful on my wedding day. Right now I feel fit, healthy and strong. I love working with Madga, she is talented, upbeat, and very professional. She has helped me in so many ways, and for that I will always be very thankful.

    Charlotte Lewis

  • Magda and I have a great relationship, she is very easy to get on with and pushes you in the right direction. Before you know it you will find yourself doing things you never thought you would be able to. She knows how to push you as far as you physically can go without breaking and she knows how to get the most out of you in a session. I am very happy with the results so far that I have been achieving with Magda's help.

    Tom Hickey

  • Magda makes me feel amazing, I always feel energized when sessions are over. I sleep better and the positive reaction I get from people that know me really helps with the motivation. Magda herself is very motivating; showing loads of excitement at progress and keeps one motivated in times where progress seems to slow. On a final note Magda has been instrumental in changing how I feel about myself, and how I feel about life.

    Jason Engelsman

  • I first met Magda in May 2011. Prior to meeting Magda I had searched the Internet for a personal trainer in the Hampshire area who would welcome the challenge of working with a trilateral amputee like me. No one took me on or wanted the challenge except Magda. Doing Pilates once a week and practicing my exercises has improved my core, loss of weight and balance. Pilates was a challenge for myself and for Magda as neither of us had performed Pilates as a trilateral amputee or trainer. We work well together and we both love the challenge.

    Alethea Parker

  • I am a 57 year old ex rugby playing solicitor and I felt I was slipping downhill rapidly. Engaging Magda to help me stem the tide was one of my better decisions. Nearly two years later I feel fitter and in better shape than I have for ages. Magda's sessions are well planned, targeted and motivational and she has helped me with exercise and dietary advice to reach my goals. Go on, give it a try, you really can't afford not to!

    David Pinto

  • I made the decision to start working with Magda when I realised I'd gained an enormous amount of weight in a short period of time. My overall health was in decline and I was feeling lethartgic and unhappy with myself. Working with Magda has made much me stronger, fitter and much healthier. She's helped me challenge my limits and motivates me towards my personal fitness goals and this has had a positive affect on other areas of my life. I have the utmost respect for Magda and her ability to care for her clients and motivate them to achieve their goals. Thank you Magda!

    Chris Meyer

  • If you’re serious about achieving your goals in life, why not [eeb_email email="magda@magdaharper.co.uk" display="get in touch"] so we can discuss the best way forward for your unique situation?