• Is your weight or size taking over your life?

    Are you obsessed with your size or your weight?  Have you been yo-yo dieting for years only to find that the end result is that you get bigger or heavier after each short period of success?  Are you confused by the constantly changing messages about food and health that are in the media?  Do you yearn to love your body, but never seem to get there?

    Yes?  Then you’re in the right place.

  • Learn to love the body you’ve got right now

    Many people battle with weight and size issues and call on strong will to help them in their desire to look different.  However, the unfortunate thing about strong will is that it doesn’t work when it comes to permanently sorting out weight and size issues.  This is why people yo-yo diet. 

    It’s a fact that most people who have weight and size issues don’t achieve what they want because it’s the unconscious mind that drives our actions and if we have underlying issues regarding our weight and size, no matter how much strong will we throw at the problem, we’re programmed to fail.  With NLP and coaching you can learn to love the body you have right now while we work together on the body you want to achieve.

  • Get the body you really want

    Accepting the body you have right now isn’t an overnight process and pinpointing the cause of excess weight is an essential part of your success.  Once we have established where you are right now and where you want to be, we can start to work on what it is that is actually causing your excessive weight.  When we identify what’s causing the problem, we can work together to rid you of it.  This process gives you extreme clarity as well as weight loss, happiness and confidence.  You may be thinking that this process sounds hard or even impossible; but believe me it’s not.

    I am a personal trainer and a nutritional advisor as well as an NLP consultant and coach, so I have all the experience and tools you need to get the body you really want.  Together we’ll explore the options and decide which will work best, fastest and most effectively for you. 

    With NLP and coaching there’s no calorie or points counting, no starvation and no complicated food combinations.  Thanks to my nutritional training, I can show you how simple healthy eating can be and how straightforward the solutions really are. Together we’ll get you the results you want without over-analysing the problem or dwelling on the situation.  By working your mind and body, you’ll get the best possible results that’ll last.

  • Get rid of negative emotions and internal conflicts

    I’ll help you get rid of the negative emotions that are preventing you from having the body you want like anger, sadness, guilt, fear, frustration or hurt as well as internal conflicts that have you reaching for the biscuit tin.  By working together, everything is possible; and it’s quick and fun!

  • Take action today

    If you’re serious about achieving the body you really want; [eeb_email email="magda@magdaharper.co.uk" display="get in touch"] today.  You owe it to yourself to take this first step to get to where you want to be.